Infomina recognize that for the business to stay competitive, businesses has to be fast in making changes and they need to be always ready and perfect. Any delay is unacceptable.

Our market-leading technology solutions helps businesses accelerate their path to real value such as:

  • Centralized control of end-to-end business processes and multi-platform management
  • Automating repetitive tasks in mission-critical workload processing and disaster recovery procedures
  • Enabling visualization of complex workloads and its relations, for better understand of business logic and workflow interdependencies and perform real-time forecasting
  • Proactively monitoring SLA and critical-path thresholds and alerts to support faster problem diagnosis and resolution to minimize downtime
  • Providing extensive reporting for analysis of current workload data, as well as retrieval of the historical data needed for compliance
  • Seamless application integration, so critical applications can be more reliably managed and executed in sync with workflows running in the rest of the enterprise