Infomina provides all layers of security for your business and supports your organization to keep up and comply with latest privacy, industry and government regulations. We provide and deliver our security solutions with best-of-breed technologies and tools. Our solutions include:

  • Extended incident detection and response to increase threat detection accuracy and security operations efficiency
  • Security process automation combined with machine learning to allow threats to be addressed faster and automatically response to breaches and attacks
  • Web and mobile application security to protect all credentials that safeguard your consumers data and in return promotes company brand confidence
  • Intelligent biometrics system such as voice and facial recognition to prove authenticity of individuals which will boost and tighten the access control
  • Fraud management to identify suspicious activities for early fraud detection thus able to prevent data leakages
  • Data encryption and privacy for all platforms including mainframe, hybrid and multi clouds
  • Endpoint security and mobile device management to protect company asset from malware attacks and intrusions
  • Network security to prevent unauthorized access to your company internal network
  • Modern backup and disaster recovery services ensuring business continuity across the enterprise